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nobniaryㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ 16 years old !!! yayy!! United States

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I want to mod for spacehey

Category: SpaceHey

I've been wanting to mod for SpaceHey for a while, since, as you all can see, there's only 3 people on the team, and of those people, there's only one person moderating this entire website, and that is Hooterbby. Malek is said to be a volunteer moderator, but they haven't shown any sign of activity in an entire year. An does all the programming stuff, so I doubt he can get around to keeping contro... » Continue Reading

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Petition to change spacehey's css system

Category: SpaceHey

Spacehey has been around for a while now, all being run by i think one person? maybe 2 (they should get more mods since its gotten so big) and the css system hasnt changed one bit since i joined 2 years ago spacehey's css system is vastly different from other myspace recreations because it makes you put the css WITHIN the html of the page, instead of putting it in a linking stylesheet which would ... » Continue Reading

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spacehey/myspace93 discord server

Category: SpaceHey

i made a discord server forrr old myspace93 users to reconnect!!! buuuut if you use spacehey you're welcome to join to, im thinking of making it into just a myspace recreation server https://discord.gg/hurvbKkDc8 » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

my messages are open to everyone even if you havent friended me so if you want someone to target for harrassment i am an easy choice! (also i dont check spacehey ims TOO often, so if you want a conversation ill engage in/respond faster, add me on discord: toastedsam) » Continue Reading

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lets make a game!

Category: Games

hey spacehey! i can program games and i really like doing it but i don't have any ideas,,, what if we all worked together to make a video game with a coherent story (maybe a little simple cuz i also do really suck at making games) so, rules are, we should create a game TOGETHER meaning there has to be a solid idea we all work off of, first maybe lets get down the game genre and style, the engine i... » Continue Reading

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whats the max blog comment amount?

Category: Blogging

i already know there probably isnt one but either way lets get a high score :) lets also have an ongoing topic: whats the BEST food, objectively? i know my pink frosted donut could beat your food in any every day task also if you wanna extend the reach of this blog give kudos, it might make it show up for more people in the blog section saving this here so its immortalized » Continue Reading

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Which interrogation technique do you think would be most effective on you?

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

01] Going Next Door 02] Pain 03] Nobody Loves You 04] The All-Seeing Eye 05] The Barbering Curriculum 06] The Informer 07] News from Home 08] The Witness 09] Joint Suspects 10] The Big Bang 11] Pearls Before Swine 12] Chicken Button 13] Death Eats a Sandwich 14] Hammerhead 15] Hammerhand 16] Fried Hole 17] Hangri-La 18] Ivan Is a Dope 19] Joint Interrogators 20] Law of Partial Pressure 21] The Spi... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

to fuel my current obsession with clowns i will be making a blog all about great clowns in fiction and clown vibes because so silly,,,,  first i shall introduce you to a new genre of music !!! sad clown music » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

there is none, talk to me if you want, if i dont like you ill tell you. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY ON THE 5TH !!!! im 16 now :)) so now i can LEGALLY commit vehicular manslaughter » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

mmmm scrumptious i sure do love music, i will update this a lot probably... so first off my music taste is all over the place so i will list off genres i like first musicals, soundtracks, 80s music, early 2000s music, 90s music, 40s music, basically jsut any music made at any time okay now for artists !!!!!! yayy!!!!! I LOVE DODIE i have listened to every single song on her spotify at least 200 ti... » Continue Reading

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