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don’t add me if

Category: Blogging

pls don’t add me if: ur -15 or 20+ homphobic, racist, sexist, etc. right wing just an asshole » Continue Reading

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— *ೃ༄ my pet giant african land snail

Category: Pets and Animals

my pet giant african land snail ! I realised I haven't made a blog post yet about my pet giant African land snail so here you go!! His name is Hobie (yes, named after spider-punk) and he is an albino GALS. I use he/him pronouns for him even though he technically doesn't have a gender/sex since (most) land snails are hermaphrodites.        ★ this is hobie when i first got him ! he is much smaller c... » Continue Reading

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— *ೃ༄ my pet snails :]

Category: Pets and Animals

these are my pet snails rocket and angus !!  rocket is the small one and angus is the big one :] i found angus walking home from college and he had been stepped on and his shell had been crushed :[ i thought he was dead but i brought him home anyways, gave him some food and he was alive !! i've been giving him calcium weekly and his shell is healing up nicely !! also u can read my blog about garde... » Continue Reading

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— *ೃ༄ garden snails (uk)

Category: Pets and Animals

some garden snail facts !! - garden snails can live between 2-5 years in the wild, but in captivity they can live up to 25 years! - their scientific name is cornu aspersum (helix aspersa) - they lay around 80 eggs which hatch in 2 weeks - they are hermaphrodites (meaning they have both male and female reproductive cells), because of this they can reproduce asexually - they are nocturnal, however t... » Continue Reading

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— *ೃ༄ whale sharks

Category: Pets and Animals

some whale shark facts bc they’re one of my special interests ^__^ — whale sharks are one of the three filter feeding sharks! the other two are megamouth sharks and basking sharks. whale sharks mainly eat plankton and eat by swimming with their mouths open! — the white markings on their backs are individual to each shark, they are unique like human fingerprints! this helps scientists identify them... » Continue Reading

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Reading list ^__^

Category: Books and Stories

currently reading: frankenstein - mary shelley different, not less - chloe hayden the witch king - h.e. edgmon good omens - neil gaiman & terry pratchett the secret history - donna tartt aristotle and dante dive into the waters of the world - benjamin alire saenz i was born for this - alice oseman the maze runner - james dashner percy jackson and the sea of monsters - rick riordan the goldfinch - ... » Continue Reading

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A levels soon :[

Category: School, College, University

a levels r rlly soon and i still struggle rlly bad with revising :[[ I do film and media studies. Does anyones have any tips for revising?  » Continue Reading

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Chucky movie ratings !!

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Back in 2022 I ranted about my opinions on the chucky movies when it was my hyperfixation in a discord server and I thought I’d add them here incase anyone wants to hear them! Tbh some of my opinions may have changed but I’m too lazy to change them. Ok so, im gonna list the movies and the best ones, i also think of them in like, phases. theres like 3 phases. the first one is like three horrors, it... » Continue Reading

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