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— *ೃ༄ garden snails (uk)

some garden snail facts !!


- garden snails can live between 2-5 years in the wild, but in captivity they can live up to 25 years!

- their scientific name is cornu aspersum (helix aspersa)

- they lay around 80 eggs which hatch in 2 weeks

- they are hermaphrodites (meaning they have both male and female reproductive cells), because of this they can reproduce asexually

- they are nocturnal, however they may come out during the day when it rains!

- they are herbivores and their diet consists of: cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries etc. however they cannot eat citrus fruits.

- calcium also plays a vital role in their diet to keep their shells nice and healthy. in the wild, they eat live and decaying leaves and wood, and also other snail's shells to get this calcium. in captivity it is best to give them calcium once a week in the form of: crushed up egg shells, calcium powder or cuttlebone.

- they can hibernate and take naps for up to 3 years! they create a mucus epiphragm which keeps in the moisture during this time of inactivity.

i have 2 garden snail pets: angus and rocket (rocket's just a baby atm). lmk if u want to see them!!!

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This is awesome I am going to annoy everyone I know with my new snail facts! >:)

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hell yeah ! :D

by james ★; ; Report


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That so interesting! I didn't know u can you can keep them in captivity . Snails are very cool :3

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yeah u can !! they make great pets :]

by james ★; ; Report