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Bandana Dee Cosplay Pics!

So I'm a big fan of Kirby, being a long running Special Interest of mine, but it'd been a hot minute since I cosplayed from the series. Learned like the week before con there was gonna be a Kirby photoshoot so I knew I have to bring one back! So here's Bandana Dee! (Photos not from shoot rip still gotta find those)

Atticus cosplaying Bandana Dee, pictured in full. Atticus cosplaying Bandana Dee, pictured from above.

[ID: Two photos of Atticus, a white person with green eyes and short red hair, cosplaying Bandana Dee from Kirby. It wears an oversized red-orange tee, brown shorts, thick white waist band of yellow and red alternating triangles, blue bandana around its head, red-orange neck bandana, red-orange mask, blue wrist wraps, rusty red forearm sleeves, and black sneakers. It is also holding a spear.

In the first photo, it's pictured seated from the side at a slight angle, leaning along it as it looks at the viewer. One leg is straight out and the other is bent, and it holds the spear resting on its shoulder. There is a Waddle Dee plush with a pink bow around their head in its lap and a different Waddle Dee plush beside it.

The second photo is taken from the birds eye view, seated and Atticus looking up at the viewer. The spear is still over its shoulder, but there are no plushes.

/End ID.]

When I first started cosplaying, I had ambitions to do many a character. Susie and Bandana are the only two I got finished, Nightmare being half complete. I'm currently in the process of revamping Susie a bit and I'm trying to finish Nightmare! It's been far too long in the works.

This has also been posted to my Tumblr!

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