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Healthy way of using Social Media

Category: SpaceHey

I started using a Forum some days ago, and one topic they brought up was about healthy way of using the internet and being an online person. An user said something that I think will be very useful here: “ — Become more anonymous. make up a pseudonym to go by, or only use your first name. Only post pictures of urself if you really want to and don't make your IRL appearance the main part of your onl... » Continue Reading

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Anti-intelectuallism and younger people

Category: Religion and Philosophy

I hate how normalized it is for adults to transmit anti-intellectualism to kids; to program in the brain still in development that mathematics is impossible even before that child has contact with the subject; to make studying more of an obligation than a fun hobbie; And it disgusts me even more to see rebelling teenagers acting just like the adults they are rebelling against. You hate studying ju... » Continue Reading

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My childhood friend said he liked me back then

Category: Romance and Relationships

He said he liked me back then when we were 13/14. I didn't view him this way and I don't do it now, but he was pretty cool. We stopped talking in 2018 because I changed schools, but he found my instagram account and we started talking. He told me that the girl we thought was pure angel actually was an asshole... I didn't like her because she used to be my best friend, but abandoned me when I was i... » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

AFTER SPENDING FUCKING 7 HOURS CODING not know how to code I PERSONALIZED MY BOG ENTRY THE WAY I WANTED TO. So, I'm going to kind of teach y'all that literally knows nothing about it.  First: Make an Blog Entry for testing.  Public it the way it is, without putting any code at the VIEW HTML (aka at the right top). Click with the with the right button of the mouse. The last option should be somethi... » Continue Reading

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i have a bunch of barbie's old movies's cds

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

i wish CD were a thing again, because there is no way monthly paying a stream service is better than buying a lifetime disk.  » Continue Reading

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true blood review

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

this series is hurtful to watch. is terrible made, and the acting sucks. the black characters are very stereotypical: the black friend is agressive and her mother is alcoholic, the gay black friend uses drugs and is also portrayed as agressive. nothing new. but he is the best character so far. i hate sookie's brother, he's an ass. the way the main couple have their firs night together after the fu... » Continue Reading

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