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ask me stuff (qna)

Category: Blogging

here!! comments ask me stuff n i'll try my best to answer. please!! okkay plseasee byee!! » Continue Reading

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about me + byf

Category: Blogging

hellooo hi, since i don't have much of an about me on my profile, i decided to make a post with a proper intro. º-_+ about me +_-º hello. i'm enuui. but i'm also known as firefly. (F1R3FLY) i use only those two different aliases. i like art, video games- basically everything in the "interests" section on my page. i'm a minor and im also autistic, so please be patient. (i'm slow and tone tags would... » Continue Reading

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summer break soon!

Category: School, College, University

summer break is in may for me! which means.. -no more work -no more annoying deadlines -the pool opens -my birthday!! (aug. 3) -more time to do stuff -just chill! i know i sound like a whiny 9 year old, excited for summer break because more video games and no booriing school, but school has been so stressful for me, and to finally have a couple months to breathe is just. a blessing. and to think t... » Continue Reading

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my mom needs to stop eating my FUCKING FOOD (rant)

Category: Blogging

there's no pain like getting some really fuckin tasty fried chicken and leaving it in the fridge to eat later, ONLY FOR IT TO BE EATEN THE NEXT FUCKING MORNING BY YOUR MOM. like. i was SAVING THAT FOR BREAKFAST. and now i dont have jack SHIT to eat for breakfast. she bought it n stuff yeah but specifically for me, therefore it's mine???  if i leave food in the fridge overnight that means i'm SAVIN... » Continue Reading

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if you were born on april first, would that make your life a joke?

Category: Blogging

so, if you were to be born on april 1st, would that make your life a joke? because april 1st is april fools day, and april 1st is all about jokes.  and think about it. imagine telling someone it was your birthday on april 1st. they'd probably think it was a really shitty joke or prank. do you know how painful that must be? "hey, it's my birthday today" "hah! nice one." and if anyone here actually ... » Continue Reading

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littol guys! (art)

Category: Art and Photography

hello! i’ve decided to share my oc art with y’all! here’s to my first art post on here, cheers! » Continue Reading

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art is hard (any art tips?)

Category: Art and Photography

i started drawing when i was like, what, 4? im in my teens now and i still suck ass at drawing. like, ofc, i know how to draw at least somewhat good anatomy, and like. i know how to draw n color things in- but improvement is hard. sure, i know, practice makes improvement and i know it's hard to get there and, yes, i know, i'll learn over time. but. it's just so. comically hard. i still don't know ... » Continue Reading

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