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my mom needs to stop eating my FUCKING FOOD (rant)

there's no pain like getting some really fuckin tasty fried chicken and leaving it in the fridge to eat later, ONLY FOR IT TO BE EATEN THE NEXT FUCKING MORNING BY YOUR MOM. like. i was SAVING THAT FOR BREAKFAST. and now i dont have jack SHIT to eat for breakfast.

she bought it n stuff yeah but specifically for me, therefore it's mine??? if i leave food in the fridge overnight that means i'm SAVING IT,, not going "ykw, you can have this!!" like what the fuck.

you can call me dramatic n shit, but i was so fucking excited to eat it for breakfast. i woke up, went, "ooh wow finally i'll have a good breakfast!" then open the fridge and find it gone. now im not eating bc wtf. there's nothing else in the kitchen i really wanted to eat except for that chicken and now its gone.

ok fine. there's tuna. but we dont have a fucking can opener, so i can't eat that. there's soup but i've been eating that shit for the past. what. week and a half now? i need something different. now if my mom orders something for herself and leaves leftovers i'll just eat it no matter what it is. "where's my food?" "oh. i ate it lmfao." if she grounds me out of anger, its okay because then she'll know how i feel.

if my mom leaves leftovers that look lowkey scrumptious, i ask if i can have them. if she says no, i don't touch it. if she says yes, i go ham. but for me?? gone without asking. 

this happened with my stepdad, too, he used to eat everyone's leftovers in the middle of the night. this included me, mom, and my stepbrother. i always woke up in the middle of the night and heard the microwave and always wondered if my food was being eaten. it usually was. it got so bad to the point where i had to either hide my food from him or write on paper, "bee's food!! do not touch!" (bee is my nickname) this stopped him, i guess he realized i became aware of my food just magically going missing from the fridge. i feel like i have to do that AGAIN.

so uh. lesson of today. don't eat other's food without asking. it really pisses people off.

tldr: mom eats my fried chicken i was saving for breakfast without asking, i get really pissed.

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