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if you were born on april first, would that make your life a joke?

so, if you were to be born on april 1st, would that make your life a joke? because april 1st is april fools day, and april 1st is all about jokes. and think about it. imagine telling someone it was your birthday on april 1st. they'd probably think it was a really shitty joke or prank. do you know how painful that must be?

"hey, it's my birthday today"

"hah! nice one."

and if anyone here actually is born on april fools, how is it? do people think you're fucking w them or do they actually believe it when u tell them its ur bday? this question has been on my mind for a long time lmaoo

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for the person who was born that day it may not seem as big a deal because you could prove it, but imagine the parent who gave birth that day, alone and telling someone their water just broke over the phone or something and the other person thinking it was just a prank

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beats being born on 9/11 though definitely

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