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about me + byf

hellooo hi, since i don't have much of an about me on my profile, i decided to make a post with a proper intro.

º-_+ about me +_-º

hello. i'm enuui. but i'm also known as firefly. (F1R3FLY) i use only those two different aliases. i like art, video games- basically everything in the "interests" section on my page. i'm a minor and im also autistic, so please be patient. (i'm slow and tone tags would be appreciated, though i don't need them that often) i'm pansexual and use she/they pronouns. if you send me a request and i accept, please know i don't message first- im a pussy lmao

º-_+ byf +_-º

if we happen to become friends, i'm really awkward n i cant start conversations to save my life, so i apologize for that lmaooo

also!! if i make u uncomfortable please tell me bc im a bit errmmm. tone deaf. ok!! thats all for now, byebye

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