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WOahhh cool

Category: Writing and Poetry

**SUPER OLD** I made this about a year ago and I thought it was worth posting with my other stuff, since Id never rlly put it anywhere. Enjoy!!! and thank you for reading :] The drone of cicadas was unusually absent for a July evening, the air instead filled with swirling wind. Noticing the change in weather through her bedroom window, Grey rushed down creaky wooden stairs to the lower floor. Ever... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

Crystals cut my nose They scream as I inhale you You're drained; my blood knows I speak the only words you let me “You're right, I’ll let go” My mother returned your things last night The small things you chose Which of those small things were true? Bitter thorned yellow rose ⚘ » Continue Reading

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Through Tired Eyes

Category: Writing and Poetry

Sleeping I know you will be here Lying on my hitched breath Kissed softly every fear Praying a godly death I wake I’ll miss you when you leave But I am a song late I still touch lips with Eve Why do I need » Continue Reading

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Im back and new

Category: Life

Hey! Its been a year since I was here before. WOAHHH I CAN USE COLORS NOW THATS AWESOME!!!  Ok im making it black again lol.  So, Im still alive!!! and clean omg!!! and sober!!! So weve made alot of progress id say. I know alot more about being alive than i did 12 months ago haha. Its almost surreal revisiting the music and hobbies and sites I used to go on as a sophomore. Now im two weeks away fr... » Continue Reading

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Summer again

Category: Life

TW: self harm - - - - I went back to this farm today, where I worked last year and kind of got manipulated and all my mental issues started getting worse. Its been a whole year now, and when I was in a depression I felt rlly sad about how I wont get that place back. But I went today, and I was so so anxious, but it was okay. I have just scars now, which are kinda like meaningful tattoos. Ive been ... » Continue Reading

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Online friends

Category: Friends

Hi ! I want to share my thoughts with more of you cool people on here, pls friend me if you want someone just to vent to or just listen and talk about whats going on with our lives. Hope you all are doing well! » Continue Reading

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Today's loss

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I think it's completely okay to enjoy things that others don't (As long as it isn't illegal or harming anyone). Although this seems obvious, I feel like I still can get completely uninterested in something, or at least really anxious when I see that something I like is disliked. If something makes you happy, then enjoy it as long as you're not hurting anyone (including yourself loves).  I may have... » Continue Reading

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Hey :D

Category: Life

💟My first blog I think Im gonna use this as a safe space for vents, and to share my interests. Not really sure what else to say here!! I would love to be friends if anyone wants, and if anyone needs someone to listen to them I am here!! » Continue Reading

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