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**SUPER OLD** I made this about a year ago and I thought it was worth posting with my other stuff, since Id never rlly put it anywhere. Enjoy!!! and thank you for reading :]

The drone of cicadas was unusually absent for a July evening, the air instead filled with swirling wind. Noticing the change in weather through her bedroom window, Grey rushed down creaky wooden stairs to the lower floor. Everything in her house seemed to breathe with the wind, as if it took in the oxygen thrown at it. Grabbing the battered pair of Doc Martens next to the door, Grey swung it open and confronted the dark gray clouds. Excitement flooded her mind at the magnificent landscape beyond the tall willow trees, and she quickly ran to meet her bike. As with most of the rest of the house, the bike had an essence of life on it, gears connecting and parting effortlessly with each push on the pedals. 

Grey swung one leg over the seat and kicked off the curb, sailing through the weathered wooden gate onto the empty street. Ducking below the great willow tree guarding her house, Grey swam in the sea of green leaves insulating the road. Past the trees, her eyes suddenly glanced up and dove into a blanket of swirling dark clouds covering the sky. The clouds formed a Colosseum of heavens, distant lightning dancing in between pillars of foam.

Grey knew the lightning was alive, she knew it felt her as she felt it. In times like these, it felt like the entire universe of life was falling on top of her, surrounding her with ecstasy and melting into the earth below her feet. Or, tires, on this night. 

As the bike picked up speed down the hill, a rush of happiness flooded her body. It felt to her as though her entire life was built up to this moment, a final release of happiness that so many others had searched for. A final push, the last stretch, all her hard work collapsing into a leather arm chair at the end of a long day. There was an air of melancholy to it, a farewell ceremony almost. Her life had been difficult before this, but she didn't regret any of it. She almost missed it. The build up had never been the important part of the story until she was actually to the end. 

The descent continued, growing less and less as Grey’s burst of happiness grew to almost painful nostalgia. Just almost, however. The happiness still lingered, but in a different way than she had expected. Though she scarcely thought about what happens after the end, after the rush of excitement and peace, it was something different. It was sad, but it felt nice. 

Then, she was there. The dead end of the road, leading to an unfamiliar ledge. Grey never remembered a ledge here. Curiosity overwhelmed her sense of reason, and she crouched over the edge. Gazing down and letting her eyes meet the full emptiness below her caused a firework display of silent explosions in her mind. The most impossible ocean of vibrant clouds were erupting and collapsing below her, they broke the laws she’d known her entire existence were following. Folding in on themselves, spiraling into kaleidoscopes of darkness and light, contradicting themselves, they breathed. They breathed as her house did, they breathed as the lightning and clouds above did, They were alive beyond consciousness. Grey reached forward, before guiding her earthly body into the void of colors. 

Grey descended further down the hill that day, she descended beyond the dead end road block, beyond the rows of suburban houses, beyond happiness. There is no way to know what happens beyond this point, or what nothing would feel like. But it isn’t something that you would know.

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This is amazing!!

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