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Category: Blogging

hey i guess so i guess ill start yapping abt how i feel and whats on my mind on my blogs since why not tell strangers abt my rants?! fuck tiktok. ruined culture and EVERYTHING » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging


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Category: Blogging

oh my god bruh i think im freaking anorexic i cant fucking believe that i used to think all people like with ed shit were seeking for attention but omg im so fat... like im not even being dramatic im overweight. My worst weight was 220 and i was 190 a month ago but since im at home doing nothing i overeat and at night i feel guilty and puke after. and last time i checked my weight  which was idk l... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

guys school is starting soon and I NEED to lose weight fast😭😭 I don't wanna get some typea ed I don't need no bulimia lol I need advice for healthy ways to lose weight FAST PLEASE!!! » Continue Reading

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early sunsets over monroeville

Category: Romance and Relationships

"running away and hiding with you..." i wish i could met someone like in the movies. i want to experience that kind of sincere admiration seen on screen. i wonder if that's even possible where no one talks to each other anymore. now its just a stupid text.. "hey i think ur cute" imagine telling your kids u met ur dad off instagram💀💀everyone stare at their phones and don't experience life anymore..... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

chat i think im going insane! im kinda tired of feeling like an ugly fatass, so nothing is gonna change if dont. ive been going to the gym for like 2 weeks and half alr  my diet is lowkey still shitty im throwing away all that fat food away ive been tryna sleep on my back omfg bruh😭😭 but erm hopefully for next school year ill mog my crush n opps😍 imma stary chewing that hard ass gum and start mewi... » Continue Reading

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Degenerescence (PLZ LISTEN TO THEM)

Category: Music

this band has is one of my favorites ive listen to in awhile but the sucky thing about it is THERE'S PRACTICALITY NO INFO ABOUT THEM OTHER THAN THEM BEING FRENCH. currently the song i have on repeat is "Helas! je n'etais pas fait pour cette haine" they are rlly and i mean REALLY underrated. i want to find out more info abt them and hopefully they go a bit more popular. » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

OH MY GOD I LOVE THORNE!! (In other words the mf from the Mandela catalog for them posers>:) IVE BEEN LISTENING TO HIM SINCE I WAS IN 6TH GRADE SO LIKE SINCE 2020 AND OH MY GOD he's my idol i have pictures and poster of him up on my wall i follow his soundcloud, insta,youtube and spotify ofc. like i almost went to one of his concerts w sub urban but i didn't :( HE IS SO UNDERRATED LIKE- i can't an... » Continue Reading

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