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see you later

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

i am back at college so i'm going to be even more inactive than i've been the past couple of months. i'll probably check in whenever i remember, but not much. if u read this, be well. » Continue Reading

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life update

Category: Blogging

it's been a while... my friend that moved to a different state came back to visit for a week, so i got to do all the fun touristy things in my city with her! she is such a breath of fresh air and though i'm tired now that it's over, i feel like i have lived my summer home to the fullest lol. job is going well, friends are going well, my cats are as cute as ever, and life is looking good. unfortuna... » Continue Reading

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new job!

Category: Blogging

I GOT A JOB FINALLY!! it's not even something that i would normal be that excited for (retail), but i'm so desperate i was literally giddy when i got the call. unfortunately, in the mean time i've still been feeling kinda down some days and can't seem to shake it. i think i just do a bad job at reaching out to my friends and struggle with guilt about not feeling purposeful. and bad weather hasn't ... » Continue Reading

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reading and tv

Category: Books and Stories

since my search for a job has still be futile: i just finished ukumaki by junji ito and wow... I NEED TO READ MORE OF HIS STUFF!! so horrifyingly good and kept me on the edge of my seat. this concluded the third book i've read this summer (cut me some slack i've was pretty busy at the beginning). my next read i hope is the secret history, which was recommended by a friend. i also still need to get... » Continue Reading

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summer bummer

Category: Blogging

lately i've been struggling with that summer slump that i usually get when there's much free time and the weather sucks. i feel silly to complain about not being busy but i truly become so unproductive. what's worse is i feel so guilty for doing nothing, and then do nothing because i'm feeling so bad, and the cycle continues. and the whole time i'm aware of how the weeks are slipping away before i... » Continue Reading

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back home

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

okay i'm back home after an amazing but very exhausting trip, so hopefully i'll be a bit more active. also june 1st passed while i was away but i just need to say... ITS PRIDE MONTH HAPPY PRIDE MONTH WELCOME TO PRIDE MONTH WOOOOOOO!!! anyways, now that i'm home i am on the hunt for a summer job. i wanna work at the trader joe's in my town and they reached out for an interview, so fingers crossed. » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i will be in rome for the next few weeks on a school trip, so i probably won't be very active on here. please know that my layout is FAR from done because all the coding is taking me a while to figure out... i promise it will be cool when i'm finished... i hope... » Continue Reading

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