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"messing with Moonlight on my 3ds to play on my pc while away"

if you see me and im NOT drumming throw me in a river (don’t ask)

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my favorite SCPs

Category: Writing and Poetry

7034 (Infinite Interstate Highway) ●●|●●●●●|●●|● (Biography Eater) 3078 (All My Friends Are Dead and They Are Still Laughing) [image expunged due to the nature of this anomaly] 674 (Exposition » Continue Reading

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my fav aesthetics

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

well first o' vall i like frutiger aero i kinda like eco a little more but i like aero too ( i even have a playlist ) » Continue Reading

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why liminality strikes me personally

Category: Art and Photography

when i was little, i went to lots of places. i went to makutu's island, i went to swimming lessons, i went to preschool, i went to the mall, i went to the supermarket. nowadays i dont go anywhere but home, school, and maybe i'll go to a relative's house, rarely anywhere special. these picture bring me back to before i understood anything, i was bewildered by everything » Continue Reading

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VMware && the like

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

so as you all hopefully know.. i use a Steam Deck as my primary computer because im radical and sikk in the head. i found out about QEMU-Puppy and so i got my old USB that had the launcher thing on it and i just backed that up and then put QEMU-Puppy on there instead. it was cool, if not a little laggy. i am now going to get Windows eXPerience as well, using MobaLiveCD to run it (... » Continue Reading

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Searching for IKEA foldable backpack!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I have like this little tiny pouch looking pillow looking thing, and it has a bag icon on it. you can open it and it becomes a shopping bag. I heard you can buy a backpack version, and I really want one. I have  no other info on it, but here is info on my bag. Here’s a pic of the bag pouch: » Continue Reading

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joining spacehey

Category: Friends

hi everyone im on spacehey now talk to me » Continue Reading

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