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My fav albums (updated 29/03/24)

Category: Music

Hiiii this is a list of my fav albums!! This is a HUGE WIP so bear with me while I update the list n add all the stuff :3 Hover on the covers to see the albums! Lmk if we have common taste :P Slipknot - Iowa » Continue Reading

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About me + DNI + BYI

Category: Blogging

ABOUT ME ✝ Hanzo ✝ March 15th, 25 y/o ✝ They/He ✝ Non-Binary, gay b » Continue Reading

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Any Overwatch players?? :3

Category: Games

Hiiiiiiii I'm looking 4 people to play OW comp games with!! A bit abt me: I play in Europe server but if you don't mind me lagging I can play in other servers. I'm stuck between silver/gold in DPS and supp I don't play tank so Idk which rank the game would place me (prob silver) I main Sombra, Symmetra, Zenyatta, Mercy, and Sigma. I'm trying to learn Kiriko, Baptiste, Ramattra, McCassidy, Soldier ... » Continue Reading

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Nu metal group

Category: Music

I've made a group to talk abt nu metal if any1 is interested in joining! >> < < » Continue Reading

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Comment and I'll give you a song based on ur vibes

Category: Music

As the title says! Ive always found these kinds of ideas super fun, so comment and tell me a few fun facts about urself and I will give u a song based on ur vibes! :333 » Continue Reading

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Fanfiction writing requests!

Category: Writing and Poetry

Hello everyone! I haven't written anything in such a long time and I thought I might try and take some FF requests! Disclaimer: I am NOT a native English speaker so my writing is far from perfect. I still want to improve though so I will try my best and if you're comfortable with it I would love to receive constructive criticism, tips, corrections, etc. Rules NO NSFW REQUESTS. It make » Continue Reading

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Emo/Scene style pfp comms

Category: Art and Photography

Im opening commissions for emo/scene pfp! Price: 5€ each :3 Feel free to message me to order 1! I take PayPal x3 Finishe » Continue Reading

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