Any Overwatch players?? :3

Hiiiiiiii I'm looking 4 people to play OW comp games with!!

A bit abt me:

  • I play in Europe server but if you don't mind me lagging I can play in other servers.
  • I'm stuck between silver/gold in DPS and supp
  • I don't play tank so Idk which rank the game would place me (prob silver)
  • I main Sombra, Symmetra, Zenyatta, Mercy, and Sigma.
  • I'm trying to learn Kiriko, Baptiste, Ramattra, McCassidy, Soldier 76, and Tracer. Might try to learn Widowmaker as well and maybe Venture when they drop.

Pls be nice to me if we play together! I have social anxiety but will try to join VC. I go by they/he pronouns so pls respect that as well.

Lmk if u wanna play!! Leave a comment or add me on SpaceHey so I can DM u my tag >w<

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