Comment and I'll give you a song based on ur vibes

As the title says!

Ive always found these kinds of ideas super fun, so comment and tell me a few fun facts about urself and I will give u a song based on ur vibes! :333

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do me! :33

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I immediately thought abt "Make a Move" by Icon for Hire when I saw ur profile :333

by ChosenUndeaad🔪🩸; ; Report

omg truu

by emi✯; ; Report


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haiii omg
Fun fact: My favourite animals are spiders of all shape n form!! :)

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U mentioning spiders + the gift on top of ur profile made me think about "Spiders" by Slipknot :> the song's calmer vibes compared 2 their usual stuff also fits ur profile's vibes rlly well

by ChosenUndeaad🔪🩸; ; Report

OHH awesome I'll check it out!!