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This is how the earth isn't Flat

Category: School, College, University

The Earth isn't flat because gravity pulls it together And if the earth was flat There would be an edge that everyone would be dying because they seen a edge and they want to jump cause they probably think It's like a Huge hole but it's Not so because that Logan Paul was going straight No he was going up He just didn't feel it And he said oh the earth is flat because I didn't feel it you on to kno... » Continue Reading

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Tiktok And religion's

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Alright. Tiktok I would advise you not to use it Especially When You're young. I have already destroyed my life with tiktok One time I made a. A video on it with my shirt off because I didn't know weirdos could be on there. And tiktok At that time scared children into thinking That you will go to h*** if you don't follow someone. Or like their video 2023 let's talk about the new trends There is st... » Continue Reading

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Why do people hate cats?

Category: Pets and Animals

Alright so. Why do some people hate cats? This is a question I am asking OK They knocked down A little cup of yours who cares. OH there scratching you they're probably not used to you. Give it some time people. Oh you're just a dog lover That doesn't mean you have the right to say you hate cats. Oh you hate the way they look...... What is wrong about them You don't like little triangle ears you do... » Continue Reading

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