This is how the earth isn't Flat

The Earth isn't flat because gravity pulls it together And if the earth was flat There would be an edge that everyone would be dying because they seen a edge and they want to jump cause they probably think It's like a Huge hole but it's Not so because that Logan Paul was going straight No he was going up He just didn't feel it And he said oh the earth is flat because I didn't feel it you on to know what's making you not feel it gravity. Anyone know what the Causes gravity atmosphere space air etc and the sun Do you wanna know the real reason Mass and if you were on a differ Planet you would weigh less but do you wanna know you still wouldn't feel it If you were doing the exact same thing on a different planet. It would still feel like you're going straight Same? On Earth and you're Not. Gonna say every planet is just flat It feels the same cause it's not but it would still feal the same because earth Isn't Flat >:(

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For a little while I thought people were just joking about the Earth being flat and I'm sure some probably were, but to truly believe it's flat makes no sense.

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Are globes just nonexistent to them?

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I don't get how people can think the earth is flat, one day we should just take all the flat earthers out to space and have the rocket move around the circumference of the earth and then land again so they can see for themselves. Also my friend has neighbors who are flat earthers

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