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Why do people hate cats?

Alright so. Why do some people hate cats? This is a question I am asking OK They knocked down A little cup of yours who cares. OH there scratching you they're probably not used to you. Give it some time people. Oh you're just a dog lover That doesn't mean you have the right to say you hate cats. Oh you hate the way they look...... What is wrong about them You don't like little triangle ears you don't like. Furry cheeks. You don't like eyes that shine. You don't like cats purring on you You and your cat fall asleep while your cat is purring on you. You don't like that you don't like that HUH I do not. Understand you People who don't like cats. : I'm not talking about people have allergies or phobias:

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like they complain cats knock down stuff but most dogs literally bark at everything and leave mud all around the house and smell like actual shid

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Pizza Delivery Guy Yumi 🍕

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Yeah either people who are scared of them or have cat allergies but people who don't have that, cats are very cute!!!I can't understand why they don't like cats.i get that they're rebellious and stuff but cats need affection!!!cats are not only rebellious but when they have someone who really cares about them..they are very loyal!cats need more love!!!

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Sorry I forgot to put that in

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they don't realize how beautiful they are :,,(((

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