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Tiktok And religion's

Alright. Tiktok I would advise you not to use it Especially When You're young. I have already destroyed my life with tiktok One time I made a. A video on it with my shirt off because I didn't know weirdos could be on there. And tiktok At that time scared children into thinking That you will go to h*** if you don't follow someone. Or like their video 2023 let's talk about the new trends There is stupid memes. There is People saying you're gonna go to h*** have fun in h***. To a satanist. Like I I'm be Christian myself but I still think you shouldn't force religion on people. And people are saying on tiktok  "People have already heard six trumpets w-w-we are on the last thing Trumpet. better start becoming a christian" Except all the. Trumpet to blow at once. And there was a thing on tiktok You literally hold your breath until you pass out. Many people have died. What do you think of tiktok And religion.

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idk why but "tiktok and religion" made me cackle as a Christian I love you tho 🫶

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LOL i did not no whut to say so i jess put tat (im soo sorry im tipn on my laptop so i cant splell)

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It's ok

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