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Tiktok And religion's

Alright. Tiktok I would advise you not to use it Especially When You're young. I have already destroyed my life with tiktok One time I made a. A video on it with my shirt off because I didn't know weirdos could be on there. And tiktok At that time scared children into thinking That you will go to h*** if you don't follow someone. Or like their video 2023 let's talk about the new trends There is stupid memes. There is People saying you're gonna go to h*** have fun in h***. To a satanist. Like I I'm be Christian myself but I still think you shouldn't force religion on people. And people are saying on tiktok  "People have already heard six trumpets w-w-we are on the last thing Trumpet. better start becoming a christian" Except all the. Trumpet to blow at once. And there was a thing on tiktok You literally hold your breath until you pass out. Many people have died. What do you think of tiktok And religion.

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Dr. Krush U

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tbh i agree with you

a lot of tiktok (and also youtube shorts) content creators guilt trip kids who are into that religion to like, suscribe and a lot of shit and its already happened so many times that its so common right now to hear ''IF U DONT LIKE AND SUSCRIBE IN THE NEXT ___ SECONDS U WILL GO TO HELL!'' coming from an content creator. they also use the image of jesus or god to attract and attract more subs so yeah, tik tok (and youtube shorts) are the worst things to combine

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idk why but "tiktok and religion" made me cackle as a Christian I love you tho 🫶

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LOL i did not no whut to say so i jess put tat (im soo sorry im tipn on my laptop so i cant splell)

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It's ok

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