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Category: Books and Stories

There’s a place somewhere in this world. Somehow difficult to find through conventional methods. It isn't in any map, there’s no register of its existence. But I can assure you that it’s there. Waiting for you to find it and drag you down with it.  It’s a town of many names. Full of people oblivious of the fact. Everyone thinks it has a name. Every town has one after all. But this one has as many ... » Continue Reading

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A dream I had

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

(WARNING!!!: THIS IS PRETTY MUCH HORRIBLY WRITTEN BECAUSE IW WRITTING THIS BY PHONE AND IS 4:20 (lol) IN THE MORNING) So in the dream I was writting a doujinji (a self published manga) about this girl who sonetimes had no face for some weierd reason. For some reason she had to jump off a hospital sealing to save the world or something. And it was extra odd because she couldn't die!!! She just went... » Continue Reading

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Vocaloid creepy nostalgia

Category: Blogging

Blah Blah “Cupcakes”, blah blah “smile Hd”, blah blah WHATEVER!!! I mean I love all those videos, don’t take me wrong but are we ever gonna talk about “Ant Observation”?!?! Or “Fear Garden”?!?!  AND WHAT ABOUT KALALINI?!?! Those are really good too!!! And weird!!! And sort off scary!!!! I guess they are not talk about a lot because MLP is a mainstream thing so waaaaay more people know about it’s d... » Continue Reading

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Slenderman Kandi cuff!!! (+my reeealy modest kandi colection)

Category: Blogging

Heyo there!!!! I been making this handcuff with the marble hornets logo and I thought of sharing it because I like doing Kandies!!!   God I love taking Jay’s suffering and making it a bracelet!!! ( Five lines of silence for Jay and, honestly, every Marble Hornets character. Actually, scrap that!!! Everyone on the slenderverse god dammit!!!) Anyhow, There’s also my small kandi collection!!! It’s re... » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

Some art I made that I want to put somewhere. All of them are my oc's!!!  » Continue Reading

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5 Comments— 1 Kudos you have a a creepypasta oc?

Category: Automotive

Hell-o!!!! It is I, your incarnation of everything you are ashamed of!!! And today that may be creepypasta oc’s! Because I like creepypastas! I know they are cringe but I still like them :D It possibly has to do with the fact that I like the alternate version of the classic creepypasta characters that live only in my head (I call this version “Cherry Pastas” lmao) But still, I like creepypastas ^^... » Continue Reading

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Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Oh! angels of the internet and gods of creativity please, please let the storage to have some cool ass scene/emo stuff!!!!  ((For context there's an alternative fashion event in my country and I really wish I can find good stuff there!!!! ;-; » Continue Reading

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