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17, they/them/(any), Agender, Pansexual, and Demi

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The world needs you

Category: News and Politics

With the most recent passing of the Willow Project, the Jim Crowe laws slowly being put back into place, and no actual improvement for the lives of POC, the LGBTQ, and many more. The time to act against and fight against the government is now.  This world since the day I was born I knew was fucked up. I was raised on the block in my city with some of the lowest income and where most of the gangs i... » Continue Reading

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requests kinda?

Category: Art and Photography

so I made my pfp that I'm currently using by collaging, editing, coloring, etc. and it took me about 2 hours to make it. with that being said i really wanna make more but I don't want to change my pfp so if anyone has any edit requests (for pfps at first) then request me an idea or even send a pic. mind you this is meant to expand my editing abilities so fair warning if they look mid or ass lolz » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

watching my profile views go up makes me anxious like bro say something 😭 » Continue Reading

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what vibe do i give off

Category: SpaceHey

like, i want my profile to give off a specific vibe and aesthetic and I'm hoping it lands » Continue Reading

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lucid dreams are fire

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

i have been lucid dreaming for like ever and its gotten to the point where i play god in my dreams or make scenarios and its wild. my dream life is way better than irl, waking up sucks 💀 » Continue Reading

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pop synth 🫶

Category: Music

la roux has been so amazing to listen to recently and it's all because of bulletproof. I love pop synth sm » Continue Reading

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Blog Entry #1 2/22/23 "Uh hi?"

Category: Blogging

For the sake of my mental health I've decided to put a blog entry every once in a while up to talk about my day or thoughts on something. General whatever the f* i wanna talk about because my brain goes a million miles a second. /lh  So with that being said, hi I'm aster! i know i have a little bio thing but ahh thats not a real introduction. I'm 17 and agender, i use any pronouns but they/them/it... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

My entire mp3 library got reset and I had some fire fucking mixtapes 😭 » Continue Reading

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Does anyone else have an addiction to collecting artists old/unreleased/leaked music?

Category: Music

I think my adhd hyperfixations have worsened. Ever since I got an mp3 player app (that honestly looks better than Spotify to begin with) I stopped using spotify and started downloading all of my favorite artists older songs and unreleased mixtapes that aren't anywhere but leak sites and maybe youtube. now i have Kendrick Lamar's full public discography and can't stop listening to him. Now I'm tryi... » Continue Reading

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music has my heart 🫶

Category: Music

i love music so much man. the artistic emotion put in each lyric and the complexities that come with listening to the song. I love music sm I can listen to any genre. go from classical→rap→neue deutsche härte. music makes my world go round  » Continue Reading

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Any good art advice?

Category: Life

I know to practice more, I mean more tips for digital art as a medium. I have no idea what I'm doing but have had the passion and don't make the most comprehensible artworks 💀 If there's any pinterest boards or books that go over training particular skill sets in the medium that'd be sick. » Continue Reading

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i need more friends fr

Category: Friends

yo if you see this you should message me, i swear i dont bite i just dont text anyone lmao » Continue Reading

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