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13 days till I quit my job!

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

I'm putting in my two weeks tomorrow. But the reason my last day is on the 16th and not 18th is cuz I'm already off for thursday and friday that week LOLZ. But I have something to be optimistic towards! I can do it! I barely worked at all this week so I'm def gonna suffer lmao. I worked like umm. 3 days this week. I was really week and exhausted (Like i physically was nauseous and didn't have ener... » Continue Reading

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need moar frendz....

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I Need my friends to join spacehey.... I want 2 make new friends as well!!  » Continue Reading

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bjored af

Category: Blogging

Hai yall just life update sayin whatever is on my mind whatevs I love theater sos osooosoo much Iwnat to quit my job so bad even tho its been fun recently. But still it takes up way too much of my time and i dont like doing full time at ALL i wanna just do a part time job. but before i even start applying to other jobs i need to sign up for classes and get my school schedule set upp...... weeeehhh... » Continue Reading

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hot DAMN its stale

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

I work for the next 6 nights in a row. FML!!! I've had fun at my job before but sometimes its either too much for my frail body and small brain to handle. Or its boring as SHIZZ!!! Stuck between being tired of monotony and scared of change. I also really DONT Like suffering. But maybe that's just me. I should start therapy but I dont have time!!!... WHATEVER I'm gonna at least try to have some fun... » Continue Reading

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Life update :D

Category: Life

since Twitter kinda pisses me the freak AWFF and I'm too lazy to open Threads right now I'm deciding to try spacehey out again :D I also normally have a typing quirk except for on computer (Different feel of the keyboard layouts and all that. Too much to get into) But here's somewhat of a life update!! I got a full time job almost a month ago working a nightshift somewhere. I've also been making a... » Continue Reading

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haii ^_^

Category: Friends

HELLOOO I am ver¥ new to spacehe¥ and I'd Like to meet some new friends! So if we share some interests and u wouLd Like to taLk abt it, add me and Lets chat !! LateL¥ ive reaLL¥ been into making music, SupernaturaL, Jerma985, Lemon Demon, and M¥ Singing Monsters but i have a whoLe Lot of other interests too LOL » Continue Reading

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