12 days till I quit!!

I finally got round to telling one of my managers that I'm planning on resigning! I was so nervous that I was sweaty and nauseous and anxious the whole shift but the conversation was easier and shorter than I had anticipated (curse you, anxiety!!!)

I still need to follow up with her on Saturday I think because she just needs to give me her email so I can email the resignation letter I've already wrote. I also thought there would be an issue with my resignation notice being technically less than 14 days...But I don't think there'll be much of an issue. 

Overall work was pretty easy and fun! Which is a nice change of pace cuz the last few shifts have had me very depressed. But its also because of outside things bumming me out. My parents transphobia, some childhood and teenage-hood trauma, not to mention my favorite comfort content creators that I've been watching since middle school were outed for some weird behavior. And I cant in good conscience watch or listen to them anymore. In fact, I hope they never come back.

But I've been doing better! I've sort of realized that I actually can work hard for what I want. As opposed to what I've been told all my teenage life. That I can't and "wouldn't be able to handle the real world". But that's a conversation for the diary. Or a therapist lol...

Working hard and getting shit done makes me feel good. I Love feeling good, so I hope it becomes a perpetual cycle of motivation! I can't wait to quit my job and start school. I also need to research scholarships...

I need to sleep! I have the night off...

side note: I think the OCD is wearing on me bc I'm starting to get nauseous from typing normally for this long Lmao. (for those who don't know, I normally use a typing quirk on phone, and i have an OCD kinda thing with it where I cannot type without it on there. But I can on computer cuz of the different keyboard layouts and stuff. But sometimes my brain doesnt Like when i dont use it even on computer...trying to get better at managing it tho.)

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