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Category: Friends

i need friends, i need someone to talk to » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

im so sorry yall im still alive i just have a job now sihwugyftewsgxy » Continue Reading

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i feel bad for not being active much on posting here

Category: Life

but i am active i just dont know how to use this or what to say aorrysorry yall..jadsgherdjfbwrdx » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

Look at him hes just so silly/pos i now own an Invader Zim 2000s plush :3 » Continue Reading

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anyone help me find this rare zim plush? plz?

Category: Blogging

Does anyone know where i can find this exact Zim plush from Invader Zim?  I found one but it costs a lot and Im trying to find a more cheap one but i need to find the exact same one, $700 i cannot afford til i actually find myself a Job. Any places or webstie that has one thats  at least cheap will help, thanks ! (PHOTO NOT MINE!) » Continue Reading

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im feeling better

Category: Life

well a little, but i survived! pretty sure some of yall heard abt this weather i am having in cali,, hopefully it isnt too bad. the storm thingy » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

the other day i had a horrible mental breakdown and like woke up at 4 am to have a massive heartburn and today it happened again and i literally vomited and it turned out shit...this is fun! » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

Art of my irkensona, a reference. » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

heya, i was wondering how do you guys add gifs/blinkies on your pfp? im new to this place and im not sure how to put gifs on my pfp abt me and such and i have been trying to find tuts on yt and i cant find any, some help will be appreciated if so! if not, thats okay, have a great day/nighgt! ^^ » Continue Reading

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