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heya, i was wondering how do you guys add gifs/blinkies on your pfp? im new to this place and im not sure how to put gifs on my pfp abt me and such and i have been trying to find tuts on yt and i cant find any, some help will be appreciated if so! if not, thats okay, have a great day/nighgt! ^^

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gideon ☆

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for my gif icon i use this code

.profile-pic > img { display:none; }
.profile-pic:after { background-image: url("YOURURLHERE"); display: inline-block; content:"" }
.blog-entry .profile-pic:after, .bulletin .profile-pic:after { background-size: cover; width: 110px; height: 110px; } /* blogs, bulletins */
.general-about .profile-pic:after { background-size: cover; width: 160px; height: 160px; } /* profile */

and as for asding pretty much any image onto your profile usethis code

aaaand to get the url for your image, i find to be the most reliable site

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i will def try these out, thanks! <3

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hdksfj okay those werent the ones im looking for aaa ;;/nm/lh

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