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monster high

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

here are sum rellyy cool monster high characters!!! Invisi Billy!! he emo emo XP Catrine DeMew Meowlody & Purrsephone Deuce Clawdeen Wolf (13 wishes) and till nowww dats it!! » Continue Reading

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90-2000s technology

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

technology back then was so much cooler! now everything is sooo minimalist. and we didnt have so many phone options then, which i think helped just a bit with the environment... now, phones are just a block with glass on it XD but back them it was so much cooler! phones: dont get me wrong, i reallt am grateful for the phone i have. Its that these designs are far more interesting! now... laptops! l... » Continue Reading

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my fav songs! X3

Category: Music

 i like your hair by Scotty Vanity you spin me round by Dead or Alive annnddd violent cornography by System Of a Down!!! i relly liek thooosee if u r reading dis then wat are yours? » Continue Reading

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Should I dye my hair blonde? ^~^

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

So… at da moment, my hair color is blue/turquoise!  Since last September , my hair was blue. NOT THE SAME DYE THOUGH!!! September, I used some cheap blue dye. Then in december, I used Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue? And dis month I used Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise!! But honestly… I’m getting bored of blue! X_X a year? That feels too much for blue xD So I’m Thinking about bleaching my hair Blonde! I ... » Continue Reading

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