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18, He/Him, Bi, Trans, Ca

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Rip ice cream :((

Category: Parties and Nightlife

I had a hamster named ice cream and one time my mom put him in the garage and he froze to death, but he actually didnt because we left him in the sun and he thawed out, he started slightly breathing but it was too late because he died again after he completely thawed out. So we put him in a plastic bag burried in the backyard. Rip ice cream » Continue Reading

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Candy wrappers

Category: Food and Restaurants

I used to eat candy wrappers, paper, and erasers🚶🏻 I remember on time I was on the school bus and people would use me as a party trick and tell me to eat paper and erasers cause I was the only one who could😭 it was fun tho I would still eat paper if I could cause it was kinda good. I used to have a cousin that ate glass tho » Continue Reading

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Moms vagussy

Category: Life

One time I logged into my moms email cause ik all her passwords and I was looking at the google photos (cause it saves all the photos you've ever taken) and I scrolled down and literally seen my own moms nudes😭😭 and then she had a picture of the inside of her vag LIKE WHAT I mean good for her IG but girl the inside🤔 » Continue Reading

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Red shit

Category: Writing and Poetry

Just seen a shit in the toilet. I got so scared bcs it was red and looked like bloody mf log and i found out that shit came out of my brother... LIKE DAWGS shits are red?? » Continue Reading

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Abt me

Category: Life

I have no filter sometimes and will tell u every detail about anything  Im slow so I probably wont know wym half the time xxx love stupid shit and doing stupid shit I have a scar on my left eye which made me hms but now im chill i think im funny u just gotta give me a sec  sad most times, but it makes me funner i have bpd which a » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

You wanna know how i got these scars. My father was a drinker and a fiend... and one night he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defends herself, he doesn't like that not. on.e bit. so me watching he takes the knife to her laughing while he does it he turns to me and he says..." why so serious.." he comes at me with the knife "why so serious" sticks the blade in my mouth ... » Continue Reading

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