Candy wrappers

I used to eat candy wrappers, paper, and erasers🚶🏻 I remember on time I was on the school bus and people would use me as a party trick and tell me to eat paper and erasers cause I was the only one who could😭 it was fun tho I would still eat paper if I could cause it was kinda good. I used to have a cousin that ate glass tho

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personally i think you should eat me instead

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i love this idea snookie pookie

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Leslie ✯

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i would eat the lead from the lead pencils in front of my 5th grade crush js to impress him,, he wasnt even that cute

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Howd u not get lead poisoning

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i used to eat the wrappers of cupckaes and i used to like swallow 14 painkillers at a time and them i was put to hospital for od

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This sounds like something they served at the last supper

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