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Abt me

I have no filter sometimes and will tell u every detail about anything 

Im slow so I probably wont know wym half the time xxx

love stupid shit and doing stupid shit

I have a scar on my left eye which made me hms but now im chill

i think im funny u just gotta give me a sec 

sad most times, but it makes me funner

i have bpd which also makes me fun sometimes 

I will also bring up random topics because i have a million things running thorugh my brain but none at the same time <3

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Zecnetovk V.

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Aaaaaaand this is why I enjoy your presence on my bulletins 💕

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Thank you this means a lot

by ✞ Hayden ✞; ; Report


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no bcuz we r literally the same person! lets elope

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yes in vegas!!

by ✞ Hayden ✞; ; Report