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ADHD schedule

Category: Life

Does anybody know how to organize schedules and stick to them for people with ADHD? I always try hard to stick to planners, reminders, etc. but I always forget, get burnt out, or loos interest really fast, making it hard to stick to one scheduled.  I try to search it up see what people say, but sometimes I feel like their all neurotypcal people claiming to be ADHD because I am yet to meet someone ... » Continue Reading

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Would you rather...

Category: Games

1. Would you rather cry all the time or yell all the time? 2. Would you rather sleep so much people get concerned or never sleep? 3. Would you rather feel constantly sad or constantly anxious? 4. Would your rather feel constantly pressured to do the best or never be able to do the best? 5. Would you rather be alone or be surrounded by people who don't care? 6. Would you rather never be able to aff... » Continue Reading

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Bleach and grass

Category: Food and Restaurants

What does bleach taste like?  Like, of course I'm not going to test that, but still...  After a quick google search it turns out it taste like very concentrated pool water.  Who figured that out, and are they OK???? I was also told to touch some grass, but then again, why not eat it?  Another quick google search and this was what was provided: "I t's a bit dry and crunchy, similar in texture to gr... » Continue Reading

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Category: Food and Restaurants

Imagine you find a mushroom and you eat it for fun.  Its until then do you realize you might die, be fine, or maybe get high.  The anxiety of not knowing until its either to late or you wake up later on is quiet interesting (or nothing happens, but the anxiety stays til your next bathroom trip at least).  Its just a flip a coin and see how it happens.   Or if that is a new type of mushrooms, then ... » Continue Reading

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