Bleach and grass

What does bleach taste like?  Like, of course I'm not going to test that, but still... 

After a quick google search it turns out it taste like very concentrated pool water.  Who figured that out, and are they OK????
I was also told to touch some grass, but then again, why not eat it?  Another quick google search and this was what was provided: "It's a bit dry and crunchy, similar in texture to green veggies, and tastes of dirt."
I am thinking about testing that.  Then I will be touching grass till my next restroom trip.  I not only have found a way around "Touching grass", but have a new snack.  

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HAHAH abt the bleach part i have no idea but touching grass is a cool reference to earthing/grounding which is rly good for u physically and mentally

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