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ADHD schedule

Does anybody know how to organize schedules and stick to them for people with ADHD?

I always try hard to stick to planners, reminders, etc. but I always forget, get burnt out, or loos interest really fast, making it hard to stick to one scheduled. 

I try to search it up see what people say, but sometimes I feel like their all neurotypcal people claiming to be ADHD because I am yet to meet someone with ADHD who can even remember their name every time someone asks.

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adhd is hard but i try my best by setting goals and scheduling in one or two days in advance and try to get into the mood by imagining myself succeeding. although i easily forget when there's too much things on my mind because someone told me to do something and etc x_x

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Yeah, that makes sense! I easily lose motivation when someone tells me to do something I was going to do lol

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