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Would you rather...

1. Would you rather cry all the time or yell all the time?

2. Would you rather sleep so much people get concerned or never sleep?

3. Would you rather feel constantly sad or constantly anxious?

4. Would your rather feel constantly pressured to do the best or never be able to do the best?

5. Would you rather be alone or be surrounded by people who don't care?

6. Would you rather never be able to afford anything or have people who never buy you things?

7. Would you rather have nobody be there for you or be abandoned when you do need it?

8. Would you rather never be social and not fake a smile or be very social and fake a smile?

9. Would you rather have no parents or bad parents?

10. Would you rather not do this would you rather or do this would you rather?

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literally said both for all questions

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I hope you're doing okay

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