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【 12/8/23 】Updating My Page

Category: SpaceHey

Welp, Discord has decided it will no longer be allowing image hosting from its platform, which means I get to redo my entire SpaceHey page with updated images (more on that here ). Yippee! /s  I've already redone my entire Neocities except for the credits page, though I have a few more sites I'll need to redo that have Discord images like my FlightRising and my » Continue Reading

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【 6/27/23 】Art Fight !!

Category: Art and Photography

IT'S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN BOYES !! You can find me on Art Fight below. This year I will try to do as many attacks / revenges as I can~ x3 https://artfight.net/~xenoscribbles » Continue Reading

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【 6/12/23 】Life Stuff

Category: Blogging

I forgot to update my blog WOOPS- I kept meaning to do it and then getting busy ;w; I had a bit of a vent up previously about how my life wasn't going so good, and while it isn't technically going any better, I do feel a lot better about it. I ended up deleting it just because I want my blog to be a positive space! :D It's been a few weeks since my first music festival experience and I totally for... » Continue Reading

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【 4/17/23 】🌺 neocities update

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I updated my neocities site again and OOH BOY it's another fun one, though to be fair idk how many won't be fun ones.. but anyways, I spent mostly all day on this update and I hope it shows » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I just wrote out a very nice blog entry about updating my neocities and all the little details I changed but APPARENTLY because you aren't allowed to use j@va in blog entries, it just wiped the whole thing and told me I can't use it here (even though I literally just said the word) ??? (;﹏;) » Continue Reading

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im still standin :D

Category: Blogging

omg hi i can't believe people actually clicked on this lmAO- well, this is gonna be my little blog/diary place I suppose, but obviously nothing TOO personal and ill probably keep real life stuff kinda vague (both because i feel like it wouldn't be interesting that way and also because i don't want to get doxxed 👀) i'll be sure to add a little content/trigger warning for deeper stuff like vents or ... » Continue Reading

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im not happy, bob

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

I feel like I'm finally finished making my funky lil spacehey profile except now I went back to work on my neocities and it feels too dark in comparison SOBS,,, maybe I should start over from scratch and rework it all? I guess I should try just messing around with some colors and stuff first and see how it goes oh well, at the end of the day, it's just a silly website for myself » Continue Reading

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