【 6/12/23 】

I forgot to update my blog WOOPS- I kept meaning to do it and then getting busy ;w;

I had a bit of a vent up previously about how my life wasn't going so good, and while it isn't technically going any better, I do feel a lot better about it. I ended up deleting it just because I want my blog to be a positive space! :D

It's been a few weeks since my first music festival experience and I totally forgot to write about it, though I won't go into too much detail because I might make a youtube vlog with the footage I got. overall though, it was a fantastic experience (even though the first night was a little shaky due to unexpected temperature drops) and I had a really fun time both at the festival and camping in the woods. I sincerely look forward to another opportunity to do something like that again- it really cleared up my mind and made my heart feel good to be around so many kind and like-minded people in a stress-free environment for a weekend.

I think I really needed it <3

other than that, I'm currently in between "real" jobs (not counting my etsy store) and trying to figure out where I want to go. I'll probably end up at a fast food place tbh, but that's honestly fine with me if gracen gets to work alongside me.

during the time I last wrote, I got my car back, my phone broke expectantly, the car broke down again, and I have gotten a replacement phone. the 'samsung zflip decided to commit' segment of my life is nearly over, but the car is definitely leaking from.. somewhere. maybe she should consider not doing that? perhaps keep the important liquids inside?

but anyways, I will try to update more frequently.
bye !!

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