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【 4/17/23 】🌺 neocities update

I updated my neocities site again and OOH BOY it's another fun one, though to be fair idk how many won't be fun ones.. but anyways, I spent mostly all day on this update and I hope it shows <33

the floating boxes: the issue of the floating boxes to either side of the main body/box not scaling has been FIXED !! 🎉 previously when viewing the site on a different sized screen/window, the side boxes would overlap the main box and it was just kinda a hot mess. but now thanks to the neocities discord server (MWAH love them, they're so nice and helpful), many tutorials, and admitedly chatgpt explaining how stuff works to me, I was able to rewrite the code for the floating boxes so now the whole website will scale and is zoomable !!

and you might be thinking to yourself 'well why does that matter?' and first of all, shut the fuck up, and second of all, I want my site to be accessible to anyone regardless of screen sizes or devices, but also accessible to visually impared folk that might need to zoom in or out to read the text easier.

updates/to-do list: alright so the to-do list area used to be one big box down there (a copy of the welcome box but with different content) and the updates box used to be in the welcome box. I didn't like the positioning because it meant the update box had to be super tiny, which as you can tell by how much I'm writing here, wasn't gonna cut it chief. SO my solution was to split the previously kinda empty lower box into two fun scollable containers that can grow as needed (like little plants! 🌱)

new images :D: I added a lot of hip and cool gifs and images around to liven the place up a little bit (more so than it already is). it feels kinda like decorating a new home to make it really yours, except if you also built the home with your bare hands

here's a link to the site so that you can check it out yourself and definitely feel free to leave me any comments, feedback, or maybe a little message in my chatbox (I read them all ! 💖)

✨️ https://galactastic.neocities.org ✨️

I plan to continue making update blog posts as the site grows and improves, as well as attaching little screenshots so I can look back and reflect on how the site's changed overtime. I have really fallen in love with my site over a short period of time, mostly because it just feels so fun and cozy to have my own little corner of the internet,, also through this entire process of making a personal site for funzies I've already learned a lot about coding that I didn't know before. my brain is like,, expanding,,

but in all seriousness, I enjoy learning new things a lot. the amount of fun I've had decorating this site so far (even in it's super bare-bones state) almost makes me wish I had taken some sort of webdesign class in college, though I know it probably would have put me off from it if I'd been forced to do it for homework or something.

anyways, go peek at my site if you wanna and till next time~ !! x3

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