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"i've made my mind a sunless space, i share my dreams with ghosts"

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Category: SpaceHey

deez nuts inyourmouth erm anyways if u call a television anything other than the gogglebox DNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! » Continue Reading

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my blinkies!!

Category: SpaceHey

a collection of all the blinkies ive made!! little but short and los campesinos! heavy rn but ill update it over time :D » Continue Reading

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there's places we belong we are yet to discover

Category: Writing and Poetry

missing the future reining it in and letting the walls swallow me they hold a covenance, my provenance there's places we belong we are yet to discover. » Continue Reading

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people you should avoid at ALL COSTS!!11!!

Category: Friends

TOBY is ALWAYS MAKING PEOPLE CRY with the INCREDIBLE POETRY she writes. you HAVE BEEN WARNED MAYA will make you INSECURE about your art skills because she draws the most STUNNING DIGITAL ARTWORKS using only a TOUCHPAD. HIGHLY DANGEROUS TOBI has been caught teaching people FAR TOO MUCH about GREEK MYTHOLOGY in BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN BLOG POSTS. WATCH OUT MARY has been known to MAKE HER FRIENDS FEEL SE... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

heavy like liquid i love you, but don't forget thetis held my gut » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

i can't remember the last time  i saw myself i get lost in the camera flash (swallowed by the light) they replace me with another girl when the finger clicks the shutter the sun and moon have met more than us (we  look alike) her eyes are akin to mine (oceans) though the lips are the same (flaking words too) that smile (and it's creases, it's dimples, it's upturn) is not mine. thats where i am los... » Continue Reading

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tape worm

Category: Writing and Poetry

i don't want to be giddy off of the floating high of your gaze your smiles are not formed for me (i will smoke it anyways) your words to me are hollow  but they are burned into my brain how my lips yearn to dance over them and bless them in the rain the kind of love you give me (you don't, i eat your scraps) even in it's smallest doses makes for my guts to collapse the withdrawal eats my insides i... » Continue Reading

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self care & life help/advice posts <333

Category: Life

none of these are by me, creds to the respective tumblr users in the screenshots! the screenshots are off of pinterest just cus its easier to link from there these are actually practical and really helped me so i thought id pass it on » Continue Reading

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had a spiritual awakening in the Cave of the Wisdom of God

Category: Religion and Philosophy

(i originally posted this as a bulletin but decided to immortalise it in a blog!!) just been to the cave of Agia Sofia/the cave of the wisdom of God in Crete - it's one of the most beautiful places i've ever been to. it's in the east of the island in the mountains. there was a bunch of stairs to climb but it was definitely worth it. im still an atheist but being there made me feel very spiritually... » Continue Reading

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stupid would u rather questions

Category: Quiz/Survey

would u rather questions ive collected from across the internet, irl + made up perfect for breaking the ice with new people and ending up awkward silences  feel free to comment more, good ones join the list  WOULD U RATHER have unlimited bacon but no more video games OR games, unlimited games but no more games fight 1 horse-sized duck or fight 10 duck-sized horses (no weapons apart from the duck-s... » Continue Reading

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