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Category: Music

GODS I LOVE THE AMAZING DEVIL- A DUET WHICH KNOWS HOW TO JUST- AAAAAAAHHHHH GO OFF!! AND GODS THE SYMBOLS THAT KEEP COMING UP!! Waves- smashing plates- and the perspectives on relationships embodied by Joey Bates (the idealist), and Madeleine Hyland (the realist)- and I think that this embodiment is best captured in Marbles!!  Marbles is a song from the The Horror and The Wild album, and is of a c... » Continue Reading

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Language nerd moment =w=

Category: Blogging

I have a bit of an interesting observation! Recently I have been reading about the Frisian languages and have been fascinated by it!! One interesting thing are the strong/irregular verb endings! Particularly how they take on different endings! The weak conjugations are pretty straight forward, no big surprises with it- but the irregular verbs get real interesting!   Firstly, when the stem ends in ... » Continue Reading

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Bored </2

Category: Blogging

I am so bored atm, anyone wanna chat/call? ^o^ » Continue Reading

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Any other heathens here??

Category: Religion and Philosophy

I am curious if there are any other heathens floating around on here? If so are yalls Ásatrú, Fyrnsida, or Continental (sorry I forgot its name ToT)! How are yalls going and what are yalls up to?? » Continue Reading

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Centrelink my unbeloved :[

Category: Books and Stories

OKAY SO I JUST HAD A LONG ARSE CALL WITH CENTRELINK AND I JUST GOT MY PAYMENTS SLASH- so rn I am on youth allowance I am a full time student ya know? Well I moved recently far away from my home town and cos of that I should have been on away from home rates- so someone at the local office was like of sure we will fix that up :D and then with that I would apply for rent assistence to help out with ... » Continue Reading

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My Izzzyzzz jacket finally came ^o^

Category: Blogging


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Category: Blogging

I GOT A MOOMINMAMMA MINIPLUSH TODAY AND IT IS ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I HAVE EVER MADE!!!! I have her on my water bottle cos she is the kind of person who would remind her beloveds to stay hydrated :] ONE DAY I WILL WRITE A MEMOIR AS GREAT AS HIS, AND IT ALL STARTS HERE » Continue Reading

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Klemens Hannigan ~w~

Category: Music

GODS it is coming up to 4 years since Hatari's Klámstrákur dropped- and to this day it still sparks something inside of me... Like I AM ASEXUAL BUUTTTTTTT hhhhhh hearing Klemens moan out about his weak self image and how he sells himself out for money, and them Matthías just holding his face with flaming fucking gloves saying Þu ert klámstrákur and I am like mattttteeeeeeeee where can I get a pers... » Continue Reading

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Morning motivation

Category: Life

Hhhhh tomorrow is gonna be such a drag and I can already feel like not wanting to get up cos I gotta do a bunch of study then have to deal with the slow arse government services system- feel free to leave some stuff here to give me some motivation to wanna get up tomorrow XD or don't- but regardless I hope y'all's are having an amazing timezone :]  » Continue Reading

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Online training

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

I recently got hired for a new job that I start training for next week, and I was sent an email with a link to all the stuff I gotta do before I actually start training- all of this is such a drag I am struggling to sit still in my seat =_= Like, I am so excited actually start this job, but this bit sucksssssssssssssss I ain't gonna remember any of this stuff pls just lemme do this handson instead » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Heya :D was just forced to join Spacehey cos of a friend- how is everyone? ^~^  » Continue Reading

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