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some 08 kid stuck in texas

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texas is too hot

Category: Life

its like almost 9 here and its still like 90, im just tryna skate but my mom wont let me out past sun down and i cant skate in peace » Continue Reading

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first day down baby

Category: School, College, University

Just moved and i got done with the first day of a jumpstart program, i hope I can make some friends, they all seem cool there so im gonna try to talk to them more tmrw » Continue Reading

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me playin shit

Category: Music

i got a pic of myself practicing for a little recording session in my piano class (we're doing rock bands rn) » Continue Reading

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Category: Food and Restaurants

i had like, 10 vitiman gummies and now im hella hyper help » Continue Reading

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how do auto play music

Category: SpaceHey

im new to spacehey and have been trying to get music to auto play on my profile, ive tried a couple things of code but none of them have worked, im not sure if im putting something in wrong or if im like putting it in the wrong section? help if you can please » Continue Reading

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moving anxiety

Category: Life

so in june im moving from california to texas. ive been raised here my entire life, only known people here my entire life, only known california my entire life. now my mom is deciding to up end our whole life and move us to texas bc she wants to see her grandkids. im hella nervous tho bc ive never know anyone there and im going into highschool, im not sure how i'll be treated or if anyone will eve... » Continue Reading

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danish video

Category: Writing and Poetry

i just watched this amazing video not too long ago by this guy K Klien about the danish language. he talks about how there's a unique sound in the language that appears nowhere else. before that he talks about how it has 26 vowels which shocked me. its a great watch and recommend it a lot here's the link if you're curious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WFgR45Li68  » Continue Reading

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