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can't believe i'm moving schools

Category: Blogging

i swear it's gonna be so hard this summer w/o my friends. these mfs literally r the best out there... like i wish school didn't have to end/srs. ik its lowk weird to say that u like school, but i do like it. its so fun bc my friends r there and i *usually* don't have to put up with too much shit from other ppl or teachers. not to mention i've been hoping to confess to him soon and i only have next... » Continue Reading

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i better look hot asf after summer is ovr

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

lowkey i want to cut my hair and dye it...... like i hav wavy blk hair that gets super frizzy and it rly sux bc my mom keeps saying how i need to take car of my hair and ik she's right.. so this summer ive dedicated myself to becoming a hotter me, for me  so im gonna go shopping later tday or tmrw and ill get stuff that i need for my skin/hair and if my hair gets healthier i might get it dyed!!! o... » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

THANK U NOAH (on YouTube  btw ( < < clik "YouTube" + give him a sub or smth) ) istg they're my savior they helped me sm w changing the colors of the interest table thing. i tried this code: :root {     --headers: #ec5a5a;     --text: pink;     --names: #ec5a5a;     --links: pink;     --hover: #f3d7d7;     --borders: 1px solid #f3d7d7 ! » Continue Reading

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school tbh

Category: School, College, University

i really hate my teachers smtimes bc like why r they always trying 2 b mad abt smthg  what is the reason kim????????? WHAT IS THE REASON?????? ok so i was sitting in class, i was alr done w my work bc it was easy. but anyways i was falling asleep bc unfortunately there was nothing interesting to do. and 15 mins into my sleep i just hear MARS! this isnt nap time, open ur book to page 69 or whatevr ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

hey guys :))  i just wanted 2 introduce myself and say that im pretty bad at CSS since im new to it and all i go by mars on the internet i dont feel like giving my irl name lol also dni if ur racist, ableist, homophobic or anything like that  » Continue Reading

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