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THANK U NOAH (on YouTube btw (<< clik "YouTube" + give him a sub or smth) ) istg they're my savior they helped me sm w changing the colors of the interest table thing. i tried this code:

:root {
    --headers: #ec5a5a;
    --text: pink;
    --names: #ec5a5a;
    --links: pink;
    --hover: #f3d7d7;
    --borders: 1px solid #f3d7d7 !important;
    --background_image: url("");
    --font-family: 'Gotu', sans-serif;
    --curve: 0px;
    --simple_bg: #ffffff;
and subbed in the colors i wanted but it just wouldnt work
i went to youtube to try and fix my problem and came across a vid w noah literally explaining how to get code directly frm the webpage. frm there on i was able to just copy+paste the code and sub in my colors !! today has been great tbh

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