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Im Valerie, 15 years old, bi and from the Netherlands

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how to make Spacehey logo's! by Valerie (full walk trough and free!)

Category: Art and Photography

Hi! Im valerie and ive made some logo's already and i want to let others know how to make them aswell! (check my logo's out in my pinned blog: ) You will need a few websites (Y ou will have to make a account for some of these ) 1. 2. 3. Once you have these open start looking for a png (LINE-sti... » Continue Reading

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logo's i made for you to use :3

Category: Art and Photography

i have nothing better to do so i made some logo's :3 ill add more in the future but for now its just these 13 ! if you want one ill try and make it if i have time ^_^             » Continue Reading

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3ds friend code!

Category: Games

3626 3968 0589 you can add me if you want to play games (animal crossing and yo-kai watch)! or send post to eachother! ('◡') i have a lot of other games we can talk about if you want to! ♪(´▽ `) pls reply whit ur friend codes so i can add you back! » Continue Reading

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how it would look like if you could edit your blog page

Category: SpaceHey

Just like how you would edit blogs or your profile Changing fronts and backgrounds would be awesome :3 Ill update this blog with more ideas and such if I have time lol I wanted to edit it more but my one hour free ibisPaint was up » Continue Reading

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drew my oc digital for the first time :3

Category: Art and Photography

btw if i ever do make the comic abt this fucker Keith and his friends this is how he gon look like the background i did myself and its so fun to do om, btw if ya wanna see more pictures like those on the background i have them pinned on my pinterest since its so apealing to my eyes to look at em » Continue Reading

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cat oc doodle on paint :3 (need help naming!!!)

Category: Art and Photography

THEY NEED A NAME HELP ME OUT HERE They are a calico cat that travels around planets selling stuff to people or aliens idk just about anyone. They arent looking to make friends and just want to earn money for their home village that they are planning to return to and fix afther their people had to flee. They know a lot of people for business purpouses but wouldn't call them thier friends. They are ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

fucking daily bangers from martin, he dont miss🔥🔥💯 » Continue Reading

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Valerie’s Secret share

Category: Friends

Secret share link Im just gonna reply to people here :3 Ooga booga!! *surpised face* When I see you it’s on sight MAN FUCK DID I DO??!? :3 ^_^ My mortal enemy I know exactly who this is UR NOT FOOLING ANYONE CRICKET 🤬 Casts my scary wizard spell on you yeah fuck you runs you over i cant catch a fucking break mann 😭 » Continue Reading

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another oc drawing :3

Category: Art and Photography

His name is Ivan btw he wears sunglasses so thats why i only did one eye » Continue Reading

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