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how to make Spacehey logo's! by Valerie (full walk trough and free!)

Hi! Im valerie and ive made some logo's already and i want to let others know how to make them aswell! (check my logo's out in my pinned blog:

You will need a few websites (You will have to make a account for some of these)


Once you have these open start looking for a png (LINE-stickers work best since they are high quality and free if you get them from google)

Ill be using this one! 

If you have ur png go straight to picsart and open up a new project by going to the "Set custom size"

You will have to set the size to 512 by 131 to have the same size as the spacehey logo.

once you have done that ur in!
go ahead and click on the backgrounds on the left side and click the transparent one.

the background will be divided into 3 sections first we will be doing 1.

Go to "text" on the left side and add a heading onto ut background.

Once you have added a heading and positioned like i did add a subheading underneath.

If it looks like this well done! Now go to the left aigain and click on uploads.

click on upload left-down and upload the png you got from google.

Now that you have ur png go ahead and drag it in the upper left corner of ur transparent box like i did.

Now make it larger by dragging the right-down circle. if it looks like this good job!

Now that we have everything in the right place you can begin to colour it! click onto one of the headers and click the fill box. Then click onto the pipet and drag it onto the color you want to add onto that header.

Ill be using these colors since they look nice!

If you find the front to be boring you can select the header aigain and click onto the front to change it! ill be using this front to match my other logo's but you can choose an other front too!

As you can see i moved the headers around a bit but you can put them where ever you want!

Once ur happy whit ur logo click on export at the upper-right of ur screen.

Now change the PNG to a JPG if you dont have premium and download it!

Good job!

Now go to the second website "Removebg" and upload ur JPG by clicking the "upload image" button.

Click the image you made in picsart and upload it. The website will automatically remove ur background!

If some parts are missing from ur image just go to the edit button.

There you can erase/restore ur image. when ur compeltely done click the download button!

Now the last website "imgbb". Click the start uploading button and upload the PNG you just made.

When you have found the logo you just made upload it! don't forget to put don't autodelete.

When ur upload is complete it will be added to your profile.

click on your profile in the upper-right corner to see the logo you just uploaded.

When ur at ur profile you will see the most recent picture you uploaded. click it!


Then right click it and copy the image adress.

Now you have to go back to ur space hey profile and edit it!
paste this code in ur general:


.logo {




And enjoy!
I hope this helped and i hope you have fun creating logo's!


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