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Category: Life

I noticed I haven't been upkeeping my SpaceHey page, so I'm going to try to write blog entries more open. At this very moment, I'm re-hacking my 3DS, since I lost my original SD card. Opening it up and seeing the beautiful boot screen was kind of sad considering all the things I've gone through reecently, I unfortunately found out that one of the important people I grew up with apparently did some... » Continue Reading

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Thoughts on the 3DS.

Category: Games

Last night I revisited some old 3DS games. The 3DS is very comforting to me. My favorite games on there are Mario Party Island Tour (I know people dislike it but idrc), Mario Kart 7, Mario Golf, Project Mirai, all the pokemon games and my all time favorite is probably the mii games and there are still some games I need to play like the 3DS Ace Attorney Games, Dream Drop Distance, The other rhythm ... » Continue Reading

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New Group

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Hello. I'm creating a new group for anyone interested in Fashion Dolls. If you are interested in Fashion Dolls then I'd love for you to join. » Continue Reading

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