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Thoughts on the 3DS.

Last night I revisited some old 3DS games. The 3DS is very comforting to me. My favorite games on there are Mario Party Island Tour (I know people dislike it but idrc), Mario Kart 7, Mario Golf, Project Mirai, all the pokemon games and my all time favorite is probably the mii games and there are still some games I need to play like the 3DS Ace Attorney Games, Dream Drop Distance, The other rhythm games like Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Thief, Mario and Luigi, Luigis Mansion Dark Moon, Professor Layton, and I had the pokemon mystery dungeon but I never finished it.

I really admire the 3DS. Most Likely because of it's limited hardware, alot of it's games felt like they were unshackled by AAA game standards. It's kind of like revisiting the PS1 and PS2 era. The same could be said about the vita but the vita got decimated from all its exclusives being ported away, only leaving a few exclusives like the Japan only Madoka Magica game and IA/VT Colorful and then it got abandoned. The 3DS on the other hand got much more exclusive games. It really felt like the entire unique and fun energy of the video game industry was being carried through the 3DS before it died. Now the indie game industry is carrying all the unique potential of video games on its back. And we should try our best to support them, but being a small team of developer or even being a solo developer is extremely hard, especially from a funding and time standpoint.

Long live games as art!

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Same, when my husband and I were just dating we bonded quickly over Pokemon X & Y as it had just released.

The Switch is cool, but even in its handheld form, it doesn't quite match the charm of the 3DS, imo.

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Well i do think about old games are mostly good bcs there was no really a lot of strict limitation like a "censorships" and also the the part of the people who was playing games was big but not huge like right now, so many developers just was creating a game that they enjoy and not just for "everyone"

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I think it's less "Censorship" (Whatever that means) moreso that technological advancements inflated the budget required to make games to the point where maximizing profit returns overtook anything and everything.

This is only one of the examples of technological advancements ruining and over-sanitizing art, I think you know what the other one is.

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