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6teen, she/they, 5w4 INTP, VA.

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BYI, DNI stuff

Category: Blogging

DNI: Zionists, racists, homophobes, transphobes, the usual. Also Welcome home fans y'all r weird tbh.  Thin ice: British ppl/j , people who know me irl, people who don't take humanities courses, Elias apologists (if thats...even a thing) and people who perpetuate vriscourse its been 10 years cmon now.  BYI: i say and do a lot of dumb stuff like sending my science teacher lorax fanart or leave mold... » Continue Reading

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Category: Web, HTML, Tech

i want to move my profile box thingymabooble to the right (like, the whole thing) to fully show off the cute background that i picked, but i CANT. FIND. ANYHITNG. WHAT IM LOOKING FOR.  i found out how to FLIP the profile.  i found out how to make it WIDER. i found out how to center TEXT but i didnt cuz it LOOKD WEIRD. i found out how to make the recent blog entries thign go BYE BYE. but...i didnt ... » Continue Reading

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TOP 10 RAISINS WHY @strijonz IS WITTERWAWWY INUYASHA IRL!! -a callout post/j

Category: Friends

1: he GROWLS over TEXT (ONLY INUYASHA IS ALLOWED 2 DO TJAT!!!1!!1) 2: he broke into my school once and inuyasha did that 3: he no like bikes and inuyahsa atacked a bike once 4: three (3) personality tests told me im kagome so theres that.  5: im also witterwawwy gerry keay girl version guys 6:nepeta goes to "debate tournaments" (claims its at yale or whateva but its rlly behind MY SCHOOLS DUMPSTER... » Continue Reading

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follow up on a lame bulletin post

Category: School, College, University

torso if any of my friends saw my bulletin post you already kinda know what happened but the story is rlly funny so i just had to deliver a s ytime cuz why not This may sound fake but I assure you my life is stranger than fiction. so we're learning about like the rococo and classical music in history class and my teacher asked me about my music taste, to which i answered (VERY broadly) as "goth mu... » Continue Reading

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i hate the holy roman empire

Category: School, College, University

im in ap euro history rn (which im surprisingly doing ok in?) and with that came a revelation that.. i fucking hate the holy roman empire. Voltaire said it best when he said "the holy roman empire is neither holy, nor roman, nor an empire" because he's absolutely fucking right. why does the map look like that? why is it all split into all these different tiny chunks when that literally makes no se... » Continue Reading

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