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TOP 10 RAISINS WHY @strijonz IS WITTERWAWWY INUYASHA IRL!! -a callout post/j


2: he broke into my school once and inuyasha did that

3: he no like bikes and inuyahsa atacked a bike once

4: three (3) personality tests told me im kagome so theres that. 

5: im also witterwawwy gerry keay girl version guys

6:nepeta goes to "debate tournaments" (claims its at yale or whateva but its rlly behind MY SCHOOLS DUMPSTER with MY AP EURO CLASSMATES) and figths them with THIS SORD for NO RAISIN. 

7: additionally, i ackshually got kidnapped by nikola orsinov herslef 1ce (trust me bro) and nepeta (aka inuyasha...) saved me by defenestrating her out of a window :3 

8:theyre both suspiciously too silly for their own good...

9: he photooshoots his ears out of ebery picture of him but it doesnt work cuz i saw them 1ce

10: claims that his hair is a "rlly crappy wig" but its really just tangled because hes fighting my ap euro classmates behind a dumpster for some reason and his """""real hair"""""" is ackshually a whig..'s hair. 

11: wants to steal my car because idk ig mrrp thinks she has the shikon jewel? (she doesnt. shes a cat that doesnt even know y=mx+b)

12: his mayor cosplay has blue and also white in it, which are colours in the american flag. inuyasha has white hair and red clothes so, he likes american flag colours.

13:used to have "blond" tips because he bought the wrong size wig but then bought the right size wig.

14: teeth. 

15: named himself nepeta because nepeta means catnip so mrrp thought that if mrrp chose a cat-themed name it would immediately absolve him of any inuyasha-themed suspiscion. obviously, it didnt. 

16: they kinda sound alike kinda

17: both use very ver y informel languege. 

18: both like food

19: nep just gives off pinned-to-a-tree-for-50-years vibes

20: i said so.

21: me and eugene did our investigation and we found a lego monkie kid lego with inuyasha's fingerprints on it in my ap euro class... strijonz rlly likes lego monkie kid

22: last summer i got the sims 3 supernatural ep so i made me and strijonz in the game with me as a vampire and i asked nep and mrrp said werewolf bcuz fluffy... huh. anyways mrrps simself proceeded to rummage through the trash, a surefire evidency.

23: additionally, he almost went deaf. probably from photoshopingh his ears out of every picture

in conclusiond: i am very smert and uhh yea @strijonz is literally inuyasha and im smert and me and my school friend eugene will investigate into why inuyasha is fighting my ap euro classmates behind a dumpster tmrw :3

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nep / rower !

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SLADEROUS!!! FAKE NEWS!!!! LIES!!!!!! PURE DECEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!

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sounds like something inuyasha would say...

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