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might try writing fanfiction after not doing it for like 6 years

Category: Blogging

i wrote fanfic when i was ab 14-15 when i was a massive shithead with a superiority complex and bad taste in fixations, i thought i was better than everyone else writing for my (once again, terrible taste in) fandoms. now my only idea of superiority is that i use justify alignment lol. its nice to see how ive changed in even small things like this. instead of writing in spite i just want to write ... » Continue Reading

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bummed ab nothing to do tonite

Category: Life

i wasnt able to get a costume in time for halloween and have no parties to go to, its too cold to even go trick or treating. my bf is having fun drinking and partying and all i have to do is sit on the couch watching movies. this is the first halloween where ive done nothing. hopefully next year is different but who knows » Continue Reading

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what tf is web3?

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

my brain is the size of one (1) tictac so no matter how many things i read online ab it i still dont get what exactly it is?? like is it another crypto thing like nft??? can someone simplify the idea of it? » Continue Reading

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the old phone wont turn on :(

Category: Blogging

found a charger, plugged the old phone in for a few minutes, but it wont turn on :( need to buy a new battery to see if it works its rly cool seeing how this thing compares to modern phones, battery can be changed as easy as a toy, just push the back of the case (mine is a cool green tone with some swirly bits) and boom there it is, no fancy tools needed and i could find all the details ab the thi... » Continue Reading

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found my mom's old phone from 2009!!!

Category: Blogging

i remember her accidentally ordering mini-usb chargers instead of micro-usb chargers so imma try to see if it still works and if i can use it for spacehey like we could w myspace. i prob used it more than her lmao :P it was one of the cool ones with a slide out keyboard so typing won't be too much ofa prob unless i wanna get the feeling i had texting my mom on my first flip phone which i got wayyy... » Continue Reading

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two baby twin sisters ugggghhh

Category: Blogging

my mom decided to have another kid and ended up with twins 2 years ago and I keep getting stuck watching them. they have the most rancid damn diapers this is supposed to be her problem to deal with!!!! never having kids lol if my bf wants a kid we're adopting at least after they're potty trained gotdam like someone give me a payment for these nasty diapers » Continue Reading

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